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Dr. Nancy Shiba's Bioclear CertificationsAt Nancy Shiba, DDS, we understand the importance of staying at the forefront of modern dentistry.

Dentistry, endodontics, and odontology are constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging daily to improve patient diagnosis and treatment.

Recent groundbreaking innovations in the field of restorative dentistry includes the Bioclear Matrix.

Bioclear Matrix: Restorative Dentistry Reinvented

In 2007, Dr. David Clark founded Bioclear with a vision to revolutionize restorative dentistry. Bioclear Matrix represents a significant advancement in dentistry, offering affordable options with exceptional results.

Using high-quality composites, the Bioclear Matrix method offers a less invasive and more aesthetic alternative to traditional treatments like crowns, veneers, or bonding.

Is Bioclear Matrix Right for You?

If you're seeking advanced restorative dentistry that delivers lasting results while maintaining aesthetic appeal, Bioclear Matrix is the solution. This innovative method utilizes heated composites to fill the gaps between your teeth, providing a safe and minimally invasive alternative to traditional options like dental implants.

Certified Bioclear Matrix Doctors: The Key to Quality Care

Not every dentist can perform the Bioclear Matrix method, as it requires specialized training. At Nancy Shiba, DDS, we pride ourselves on having a certified Bioclear Matrix dentist who has completed extensive training through the Bioclear Matrix Learning Center. You can trust our experienced team to provide top-notch Bioclear Matrix restorations.

To find a certified Bioclear Matrix dentist near you, visit the official Bioclear Matrix website and search for providers in your area by entering your city or zip code.

Bioclear Veneers: Aesthetic Excellence Without Compromise

Bioclear Veneers offer an exciting alternative for enhancing the appearance of your front teeth. Unlike traditional veneers, which involve grinding down the tooth, Bioclear Veneers preserve your natural tooth structure.

Our thin, customized forms allow us to create veneers that match your natural tooth color and provide strength without compromising your tooth's integrity.

The Bioclear Veneer Process

Creating Bioclear Veneers is a meticulous process that begins with thorough tooth cleaning and gum tissue adjustment to ensure a pristine surface. We then build a custom form over your tooth and inject a warm composite resin designed for strength and longevity.

After hardening the material with ultraviolet light, we polish the veneer to perfection, achieving a natural, beautiful look.

Benefits of Bioclear Veneers

Bioclear Veneers increase tooth thickness, enhance resistance to disease, and resist staining without the need for grinding your natural tooth structure. This less invasive procedure often costs less than traditional veneers and can provide a perfected look in just one appointment.

Before and after images of our satisfied patients showcase the remarkable results of Bioclear treatments at Nancy Shiba, DDS.

Before: Amanda's Case
Before image of Amanda gets BioClear treatment at Nancy Shiba, DDS

After: Amanda's Case
After image of Amanda got BioClear treatment at Nancy Shiba, DDS

Learn More About the Future of Dentsitry Today!

If you're interested in exploring the transformative possibilities of Bioclear Matrix or Bioclear Veneers, contact Nancy Shiba, DDS, at (669) 306-7669 to schedule a consultation appointment.

Our experienced team is ready to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted with these advanced dental solutions.

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