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Surgical/Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth are discolored, broken, stained, worn, chipped, misshapen, and misaligned or have gaps, surgical dentistry can give you a great smile. Ideally, surgical dentistry involves any sort of dental work meant to improve the appearance of your teeth, whether it is alignment, color, size, shape, or position. Given that how your teeth look can reflect your health, that’s why many people are choosing cosmetic dentistry. This type of dentistry can improve your quality of life and provide you with the confidence you want and need. If you are struggling with insecurities about your smile, our dentist at Nancy Shiba, DDS offers a full line of general cosmetic, surgical and restorative dentistry services.

Types of Surgical and Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is getting more popular day by day, with more and more people finding ways to restore or improve the appearance of their smiles. Not all cosmetic treatments are ideal for everyone. Our dentist can recommend which method will work well for you to provide your desired smile. Below are a few examples of types of surgical and cosmetic treatments that your dentist might recommend:

Dental Implant Restoration

This surgery can offer an excellent alternative to bridgework or dentures that do not fit well. In addition to that, it offers a great option when there is an absence of natural tooth roots and does not require building bridgework or denture tooth replacement. Therefore, dental implants are a permanent choice for tooth restoration, designed to replace the teeth that are missing.
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Teeth Whitening

Who does not like a bright smile? Cosmetic teeth whitening assists to brighten and whiten your tooth discoloration and staining. You can perform teeth whitening at home, but our dentists can do it better with professional teeth whitening.
Teeth whitening is perfect for individuals who have unrestored and healthy gums and teeth. Very few individuals have brilliant-white teeth since our teeth become discolored as we get older. Moreover, we can get stains through the foods we drink and eat such as coffee, tea, blackcurrant, and red wine. Tartar and calculus can also affect tooth color.
Before the teeth whitening procedure begins, your dentist will first clean your mouth of all tartar, plaque, and food particles. Since teeth are prone to staining through the effects of medication, smoking, and food stains, a professional teeth whitening procedure can greatly restore the brightness of your teeth.
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Dental Fillings

A dental filling is where your teeth are filled with composite materials due to cracking, chipping, or wear. Nowadays, there are several dental filling materials accessible where your teeth can be packed or filled with porcelain, gold, or tooth-colored composite or silver amalgam resin fillings.
The dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the area of the tooth that needs to be filled, then drill to remove the decayed areas. After that, the dentist will test or probe the area to determine if all the decayed tooth materials have been removed. The dentist will prepare a space for the filling by cleaning the cavity of debris or bacteria. If the decay is close to the root, then the dentist will place composite resin, or glass ionomer to protect the nerve. After filling it in, the dentist will polish it.
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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also known as caps. In a dental crown procedure, caps are placed on top of the damaged teeth. Crowns are utilized to cover, protect and restore the teeth shape when the filling does not solve the problem. Dental crowns are made of ceramics, resin, porcelain, and metals. In addition to that, dental crowns do not need special care over time, you just need to maintain your regular oral hygiene.
The dental crown procedure helps to restore the strength and appearance of the tooth and can be used to keep a weak tooth from breaking or holding a cracked tooth together. There are many different types of dental crowns you can use on the teeth. 3/4 crowns and onlays are types of dental crowns that do not cover most of your underlying tooth when compared to traditional dental crowns. In a dental crown procedure, the dentist removes the affected area and will reshape the tooth for it to receive the crown.
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This is another popular choice for a patient who has misshapen, chipped, and stained teeth. There are thin and custom-made porcelain shell covers that stick on your natural teeth to hide any imperfections and give a classic-shaped look to your teeth. A dental veneer is made in a lab and it matches your tooth and is then cemented on the front of the tooth. Dental veneers are typically placed on the teeth that are visible when you smile.
Composite veneers are a painless, effective, and fast procedure that helps to fit minor cosmetic issues. Some people may only get one veneer if they have chipped or broken teeth. There are others who get six to eight veneers for them to get a symmetrical, even smile. If you choose composite resin veneers, then the dentist will etch the tooth surface before applying a thin layer of the composite material.
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Bioclear Matrix

Bioclear Matrix can be used to straighten your teeth by filling the gaps and closing the spaces that are between the teeth, repairing the edges of chipped teeth, filling in black triangles between teeth, or fixing traumatic injuries to front teeth. The aim of Bioclear Matrix is to improve the smile of the patient by making their small misshapen teeth natural and full. The Bioclear Matrix leaves interproximal composite properly contoured and smooth. Bioclear is typically less expensive when compared to having traditional veneers or crowns placed. It is more stain resistant and stronger than dental bonding.
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