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Kids Dentist
San Jose, CA

[[[pic:GettyImages-515779948.jpg|400||right|TPimgRight|young patients at Nancy Shiba, DDS.]]Taking care of your children’s teeth begins before they are even born and they need your help to some degree until they are fully able to appropriately brush and floss on their own. The dedication and persistence can be challenging but important to their long term dental health. At Nancy Shiba, DDS, we hope to see our young patients often. We want to help you lay a groundwork to good oral health for years to come.

Your children’s teeth need good nutrition, starting in the womb, to grow healthy and strong. Learning the foods and drinks that are needed to grow healthy teeth is important, as well as learning the foods and drinks that can harm their development. We encourage parents to follow guidelines as directed by their pediatrician to reduce or eliminate unnecessary sugar, including juice. Their teeth will thank you.

First and Early Dentist Visits

We like to start seeing children around the age of two. These early visits are less about dental work, and more about dental education and helping us establish a relationship to increase their comfort. We let them experience the dental chair, see some tools, and then perform a basic dental cleaning. While doing this, we are happy to answer parents' questions and review appropriate brushing techniques.

Tips may include:
•  Babies: Starting right away, very gently take a clean, lightly damp washcloth and daily wipe their gums. This is done to clean a little, but more importantly begin a daily routine for you to care for their gums and for your baby to become used to you doing so. There is no reason for your baby to have a bottle of juice or be put to bed with a bottle; we ask that you refrain. Teeth can develop decay even before they erupt.
•  New Teeth: Once early teeth begin to erupt, you can begin to very lightly brush their teeth each day. No toothpaste is needed. We are establishing routines and clearing any debris.
•  Multiple Teeth: Around the age of 18 months to two years of age, you can start introducing the slightest smudge of toothpaste when brushing. At this point kids are eating a wide range of foods and their teeth are producing plaque.
•  Continuing Dental Hygiene: As your child continues to grow, you may want to start having them take over certain aspects of their brushing routine, but control should remain in the parent’s hands until at least the age of seven. Frequent reminders may need to occur for many years following.

Preventive Care

At Nancy Shiba, DDS, we offer a variety of preventive care options to help your child have strong teeth. We also encourage parents to have sealants placed on their children’s molar teeth. Sealants are the placement of a plastic coating that seals their teeth and serves as a barrier from bacteria. Studies have demonstrated an 80% reduction in the development of cavities.

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