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Intraoral Camera

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Intraoral cameras are offered at Nancy Shiba, DDS.
Sample image of using intraoral camera, captured filling tooth.
Sample image of using intraoral camera, captured gum line.
Sample image of using intraoral camera, captured filling tooth.
There have been some fairly rapid improvements made to the tools and technologies used in dentistry. Everything is faster, better quality, and much more precise. Because of this, the quality of care that you receive at the dentist is greatly improved. At Nancy Shiba, DDS, our goal is to provide you with the best care possible. One way this is possible is with an intraoral camera.

How an Intraoral Camera Works

An intraoral camera provides us with a whole new way to examine the inside of your mouth, but what exactly is it? This tool consists of a slender handheld device that is just a little bit larger than a regular writing pen. It has a tiny camera lens fitted in the tip of it. On the other end, it is connected to our computer. As we move the camera, it transmits what it sees inside of your mouth onto the computer screen.

Changes in the Intraoral Camera Over the Years

Believe it or not, the first intraoral cameras were introduced in the 1980s, but they were rather cumbersome. In addition to the wand, there was also a large processor box, and a dedicated monitor and keyboard. There was also a floppy disc drive and a VCR. Not only did the technology take up a lot of space, it was also expensive.

Today, things are much different. The wand has a USB connection, and there is LED lighting. There are also a whole bunch of other features, including cloud-based storage, autofocus, magnification capabilities, and more. Moreover, the technology is much more affordable.

A More Comfortable Exam for You

Remember the days of sitting with your mouth wide open while your mouth was examined with a mirror? After a while, your mouth could get sore. Not only that, but we needed to be very close to your mouth to see inside. While some patients had no problems with this, it could be a big issue for those with anxiety. With the intraoral camera, we can sit back, away from your face. Moreover, since the technology allows us to capture still images of your mouth, you can relax your mouth while we examine certain areas of your mouth.

Gaining Your Trust

Since patients were not able to see the inside of their mouths during the exams, it could be difficult for them to believe the severity of the issue. They might think that we were exaggerating what we found. The intraoral camera allows you to see everything that we do. This way, you can understand certain serious issues and why you are being recommended for certain treatments. This can help to increase your trust in us.

Improved Treatment Accuracy

The camera head rotates, there is LED lighting, and the camera possesses magnification capabilities. With these features, we can spot finer details of your mouth, such as fractures or pulp exposure. By doing so, we can recommend more accurate treatment, helping to greatly improve your oral health.

Helping with Insurance Claims

If you have dental insurance, certain treatments are covered. Insurance companies need clarity as to what the issues are and the treatments you are being recommended. Images with an intraoral camera help to provide visual proof of your issues, making it easier to get your treatments covered by your insurance company.

An Intraoral Camera Also Benefits Us

We also have something to gain with intraoral cameras. Because we can use the wand in your mouth and view your mouth on the computer screen, we do not have to be bent over for long periods. This helps to make performing exams much more comfortable for us, as well as for you.

With an intraoral camera, we can provide you with a much better exam, which then leads to better treatment and a better overall experience. For more information, call Nancy Shiba, DDS at (669) 306-7669 today.

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Intraoral Camera in San Jose, CA
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