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Dr. Shiba and her staff want to ensure you that your health is our highest priority. Our commitment to your safety is the foundation of our care.
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Emergency Dentist San Jose, CA

A dental emergency requires immediate treatment as certain injuries and conditions can cause serious damage. Such emergencies cause pain and swelling, and lead to significant damage over time if not treated.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is more common than you would think. However, not every oral situation can be considered a dental emergency.

Therefore, you must consider several factors before deciding on visiting your dentist urgently. Some of the factors that can constitute a dental emergency include:
•  You are experiencing severe pain that is either constant or in intervals
•  You lost a tooth due to a sudden impact or injury and quick treatment can help save the tooth
•  There is an abscess or infection in your oral cavity that could spread and cause serious damage
•  Your gums are bleeding uncontrollably.

Dental emergency treatment involves treating the patient to alleviate pain, save infected teeth, and stop the bleeding.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Primary (Baby) Tooth

It seems like kids are always at a high risk for injury, it’s just part of growing up. If your child experiences dental trauma, we would like for you to call us right away and bring them in as soon as possible.

Anytime you are handling a tooth that has been knocked out it is important to remember to handle the tooth by the crown.

Do not touch a broken tooth on the broken end(s). To transport a baby tooth to our office, place it in a container with some milk. Do not transport a knocked out or broken tooth in a dry or water-filled container.

Baby teeth are critical to your child’s oral health and should not be ignored if knocked out!

Adult Tooth

While baby teeth should never be placed back into the mouth due largely in part to the choking hazard that they represent, if you suffer a knocked out (avulsed) adult tooth, the first thing that you should do is try to place it back in its socket.

If you can’t place the tooth back into its socket, try simply placing it between your lip and gums. Placing the tooth back in the mouth is the best way to transport adult teeth to our office or the emergency room.

If neither of these methods works, a container filled with milk is the next best thing.

Broken Tooth

When you break a tooth make sure to try and find and retrieve the broken portion of the tooth. Remembering only to handle broken or avulsed teeth by the crown (chewing portion) is critical.

Rinse the tooth off with some warm water and apply a cold compress to your lip on your way to our office or the emergency room to mitigate any swelling that may occur.

Bitten Tongue or Lip

Clean the area with a damp cloth or some warm water. Use a cold compress to mitigate swelling in the area and wait for the bleeding to stop.

If the bleeding does not stop in a short period, consider giving us a call and setting up an emergency appointment to be seen.

Objects Caught Between Teeth

While objects being caught between your teeth does not represent a significant emergency, it can certainly be annoying. Use floss to try to remove the object.

If you can’t remove it with floss give us a call and set up an appointment for us to remove it at your earliest convenience. Never use a tool other than floss to try to remove objects or food from your teeth.


A toothache can easily be a sign of a serious oral malady. Feel free to treat the discomfort or pain with an over the counter pain reliever and call us to set up an appointment.

Is a Cavity a Dental Emergency?

Cavities can vary depending on the patient and extent of damage. The severity of a cavity is clarified by the extent of the tooth decay, which could require attention but not be considered a dental emergency.

However, as the infection progresses and the severity of the cavity increases, you will experience different symptoms, including pain and increased sensitivity.

At that point, you will require immediate attention and should visit Nancy Shiba, DDS for treatment.

Is a Dental Abscess an Emergency?

A dental abscess is severe and could become dangerous. An abscess results in pus accumulating inside the damaged tooth, which could lead to fever, sensitivity, pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Therefore, an abscess is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention.

Is a Loose Dental Implant an Emergency?

A loose dental implant can lead to infection, bleeding, pus, swelling, and pain. Without proper treatment, the infection can worsen which could affect the overall health of the patient.

Thus, if you feel that your dental implants are loosening, you should get them checked out immediately.

Is a Lost Filling a Dental Emergency?

Usually, a lost filling does not constitute a dental emergency. However, in rare and extreme cases, lost fillings can lead to extreme pain and sensitivity.

If the pain reaches a point that becomes difficult to ignore, you should consider seeing your dentist for treatment.

Do I Have to Schedule a Dental Emergency Appointment?

If you believe that you have a dental emergency, you should contact a dentist to get emergency treatment.

The dental emergency treatment does not take long, as many dental experts keep some appointments available for patients seeking emergency treatment, and offer the next available appointment.

However, not every dentist is able to give emergency treatment. Therefore, it is not essential to wait for your regular dentist to free up to get treated. You can call a dental practice that provides dental emergency treatment.

Call Us Today in San Jose, CA for Emergency Dentistry

If you require a dental emergency treatment in San Jose, call Nancy Shiba, DDS at (669) 306-7669.

Our dentists keep several open appointments for emergencies and our staff can offer the next available appointment to help treat your emergency.

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