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Caring for Your Dentures
San Jose, CA

image of denturesDentures are more than just for cosmetic purposes. Not only will they provide you with a good set of natural looking teeth, but they are also the best alternative when you have several missing teeth.

From a medical standpoint, they preserve the integrity of your gum line and help your jawline maintain its shape.

They support the structure between your cheeks and your lips from sagging and making you appear older.

Using dentures also helps you chew your food easily as the assimilation process of the vital nutrients needed by our body starts from your mouth.

A mouth with a broken or knocked out tooth simply makes it hard to chew food. The only way to make things easier is to have them replaced with dentures in place of the lost tooth.

Maintaining a well-cared for set of teeth and proper oral hygiene is known to boost self-esteem.

Not only because our teeth influence our overall appearance, but it also affects how we speak, eat, socialize with other people, and how we ultimately end up living our lives.

It is known for a fact that people with a healthier set of teeth achieve more in life because of their self-confidence.

So how do we take care of dentures?

How Can I Care for My Dentures?

Just like your natural teeth, dentures are also prone to several problems, but with proper care, they can last for a very long time.

Most of the problems that happen with your dentures appear because of careless handling and improper oral hygiene.

Moreover, just like your natural teeth, dentures are also susceptible to the invasion of bacteria living in your mouth.

A good way to care for your dentures is also to brush them when you are doing your daily oral routine.

Thoroughly clean your mouth, including your dentures to keep your breath fresh all the time.

It is also advised to clean your dentures from food particles after every snack or meal in order to prevent bacterial growth from forming and contributing to bad breath.

If you have full or partial dentures, removing them after eating helps remove trapped food particles in between the gum line and the dentures.

Because your dentures have breathable pores that allow air to circulate within its recesses, using the common toothpaste or detergent may be harmful to them.

Instead, use a specialized cleaning agent like baking soda or a denture soaking solution to soften plaque buildup and brush them easily.

Also, remember not to brush too hard on the dentures as it can either rupture them or break them apart. A clean brush, soaking solution, and warm water would suffice to keep them clean and make them last longer.

We highly recommend soaking your dentures in lukewarm water overnight, which will help to soften hard to remove plaque from the surfaces.

An overnight soak is also helpful to help maintain the moisture level of the resin, so they do not become brittle and crack over time.

Care for your dentures is also important to go along with your daily oral habits, not only will it keep your breath fresh, but good oral hygiene will keep your dentures healthy to last a long time.

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Caring for Your Dentures in San Jose, CA
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