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Reasons We Avoid an Extraction Whenever Possible

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Nancy Shiba DDS
Reasons We Avoid an Extraction Whenever PossibleOral health is very important for your well-being. When your teeth are healthy, you will have a stable oral structure. However, there are oral conditions that damage your teeth beyond repair. When that happens, tooth extraction may appear as the only solution. While it might be inevitable in such cases, we always try to avoid it. This is because we know the importance of having all teeth intact and the effects of losing some to extraction. Even though dental appliances help replace missing teeth, they won't be as effective as natural teeth. Here are some of the effects of having missing teeth.


No matter where the missing tooth is located, the left gap can cause teeth shifting if left untreated. This happens when surrounding teeth start shifting towards the gap. The presence of all teeth in your mouth helps keep each other in place. When one or two are lost, the integrity of your teeth' alignment is compromised. As time progresses, teeth shifting will not only ruin your smile but also cause a myriad of dental problems. This is why we avoid extractions at all costs.

Jawbone Problems

Losing teeth will also cause problems with your jawbone. This happens because there will be reduced stimulation caused by biting and chewing. It is important to note that stimulation is required to maintain a healthy bone density. When teeth are not replaced, the chances of bone loss are high. Losing the jaw bone could increase the risk of more tooth loss. As a result, you will experience a wide range of jaw problems.

Changes in Facial Appearance

Now that tooth loss causes bone loss and teeth shifting, your facial appearance can change. In fact, several studies show that tooth loss accelerates the aging process of your face. It can make you look ten years older. This is another reason why we avoid tooth extraction. Get in touch with us for more information on the effects of tooth extraction.

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