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Foods that Fight Dental Stains

Posted on 8/15/2017 by Adam Bartlett
Fight dental stains with these tips by Nancy Shiba, DDS in CA
Some foods (and drinks) are great at staining your teeth, such as coffee and curries. This can make consuming them a bad idea when you want a bright, white smile. However, there are also some great foods that help fight the stains on your teeth. If you want to keep your smile white, or you want to improve just how white your smile is, then there are a few different foods that should be a regular part of your diet. Here are some of the best foods to help you get the look you have been searching for.

Foods You Want to Eat for Whiter Teeth

If you want to have white teeth, then you should make sure that you are eating cauliflower at least once or twice per week. It takes a long time to chew up cauliflower, which means the florets are brushing your teeth as you chew. Plus, it increases how much saliva is in your mouth, helping to rinse and clean your teeth.

Cheese is another great food to keep your teeth white. It coats your teeth with casein, and that helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Plus, the calcium helps strengthen your teeth. The more cheese you eat raw, the whiter your teeth are going to be.

Produce is always a great option. Things like apples, strawberries, and celery allow you to have teeth that are whiter just from eating them, and they are healthy to boot!

Don't forget about the effects on your teeth when you eat. Some foods are really good for your teeth, and should be a regular part of your diet. Eating these foods can help whiten your smile, as long as they are consumed by someone who is regularly visiting the dentist plus practicing solid oral hygiene practices.

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